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It all started with air mattresses. The now well-known Airbnb – a company that has grown larger than any global hotel chain – began with three air mattresses and an idea. The company kick-started a new trend, home-sharing, a now integral part of the “sharing economy.”

Fast forward a few years, and new opportunities have proliferated within this economy of sharing, including the ability to have more flexible living arrangements, travel more frequently and ultimately make ends meet.

As a landlord in San Francisco – the city with the highest cost of rent across the country – I completely understand why renters want the ability to sub-lease their apartments on Airbnb, but I have legal obligations to uphold, as well as the need to know who is residing in my properties for safety and security reasons. That said, we landlords have known that many of our tenants have been hiding their Airbnb activity and violating their leases. I thought to myself, ‘the sharing economy is here to stay, and it is not something that could (or should for that matter) be only available for home owners.’ I knew there was a better way that would be a win-win for everyone involved; a mutually beneficial and fair way for renters and landlords to embrace the sharing economy.

I had a personal/professional problem to solve, and a good idea of how to do it. So, I founded Letulet!

The core premise has been clear from day one: Letulet works on trust, fairness and openness, empowering renters and landlords to finally do home-sharing the right way, the fair way. As a renter, you can host your place on Airbnb confidently with the written support of your landlord. And landlords can tap the benefits of short-term rentals, while keeping the stability of trusted long-term tenants. It’s the win-win we all deserve.

Today, there are options out there, like Airbnb’s Friendly Building Program. But, as these solutions are tailored for large-scale institutional landlords, they lack flexibility for the everyday property owner. I knew there had to be a more flexible way to work out individual, fair and open home-sharing agreements with tenants – customizable agreements that benefit both sides.

Letulet for Renters

I know today’s white hot economy makes a side hustle often necessary. With Letulet, you can earn extra money hosting short-term rentals with the support of your landlord. http://letulet.com/ui/tenant

  • Use our conversation starter tips to establish an agreement with your landlord, where you both benefit

  • Customize a lease addendum to allow for legal protection to host with confidence

  • Post your listings directly on Airbnb, and Letulet automatically handles all details, including splitting the revenue and keeping your landlord informed

Letulet for Landlords

As a landlord, I know the importance of appealing to the changing needs of renters, while eliminating the dicey issue of “secret” subleases. We built Letulet to offer the transparency into short-term rental activity you need, and a solid financial incentive to make it worth your while. Now landlord’s have the option to tap the benefits of short-term rentals and embrace the new economy with confidence. http://letulet.com/ui/landlord.

  • Get all the tools to grant conditional approval for your tenant to host their space on Airbnb, ensuring all lease terms are met and you remain in control, informed and paid

  • Use Letulet’s all-in-one dashboard to gain full visibility and track all Airbnb activity in your building, including revenue flow, guest information, booking schedules and more – all with exportable reports

  • Receive an agreed upon portion of the renter’s earnings after each reservation

In a world of collaborative consumption, we all stand to gain greater affordability, convenience and efficiencies that promise to make our lives easier, more profitable and even more fun.

At Letulet, we are excited to help facilitate more fair and trustworthy transactions between renters and landlords. It’s time we all focus less on dwelling and more on living!


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