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With Letulet, renters host short term guests to make extra cash, and owners stay informed and receive a percentage of the earnings. Guests stay where it counts - supporting locals in their homes.

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Find the hidden earning power that exists in your rental today.


Embrace Flexibility

People want a more flexible life, their lease should not hold them back.

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Take Control

All in one solution that makes flex renting easy.

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Our mission is to finally empower renters and landlords to come together in home sharing arrangements.

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Our Happy Customers

This is such a simple and easy proposal to make, every renter interested in making some extra income should do it!

Michael Z
Bend, OR

This service is extremely easy to use and straight to the point. Letulet provides fast and simple proposals to save time and tricky conversations.

Kate C.
San Francisco

I decided to use Letulet to send my landlord a proposal for my Airbnb hosting because I felt like it was easier on my behalf and less stressful. I didn't really know how to approach him but Letulet is perfect for this kind of thing!

Ajhai G.
Austin, TX

This app starts a conversation that I would not have thought possible to have with my landlord, and shows from a reputable source the mutual benefits in store!

Devin H.
San Francisco
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