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Letulet helps renters come to agreement with their landlord, so both sides can profit from home-sharing. Here’s how it works.

Start the Conversation

Start the Conversation

We get it. Home-sharing is a sensitive topic. Use Letulet’s agreement wizard to establish terms with your landlord. We know what they’re looking for, so you don’t have to!


Get it in

Once your landlord has given the OK, we make it official. Letulet provides a custom lease addendum that allows you to legally host your place, with full transparency.


Host With Confidence

Post your listing directly on Airbnb. Letulet takes care of all of the details automatically, including splitting the revenue and keeping your landlord informed.

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Empowering you

Our mission is to finally empower renters and landlords to come together in home sharing arrangements.


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Our Happy Customers

This is such a simple and easy proposal to make, every renter interested in making some extra income should do it!

Michael Z
Bend, OR

This service is extremely easy to use and straight to the point. Letulet provides fast and simple proposals to save time and tricky conversations.

Kate C.
San Francisco

I decided to use Letulet to send my landlord a proposal for my Airbnb hosting because I felt like it was easier on my behalf and less stressful. I didn't really know how to approach him but Letulet is perfect for this kind of thing!

Ajhai G.
Austin, TX

This app starts a conversation that I would not have thought possible to have with my landlord, and shows from a reputable source the mutual benefits in store!

Devin H.
San Francisco
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