We help renters gain landlord approval to host short terms rentals on Airbnb so that both renters and landlords can mutually benefit from the sharing economy


Our mission is to enable any renter with the ability to home-share with landlord support. Renters are the one under-served part of the home-sharing economy, and as rents continue to rise, they arguably are the ones who need home-sharing revenue the most. Over half of 25 – 34 year olds and more than 60% of those under 25 want the ability to Airbnb their units to earn extra money. Yet few have their landlord’s approval to do so. Letulet was founded to remove key barriers preventing renters from being hosts. We believe home-sharing should not just be for owners of property — if you rent, you should be able to host too. We see a win-win here, and it’s time to do this the right way. Let us show you how.

Mark Henderson


Letulet was started by Mark Henderson, a landlord, after learning that some of his tenants were hosting short-term rentals in secrecy. They wanted in on the sharing economy, but assumed his answer would be “no”, so they hid their activity. Mark decided there had to be a better way. He founded Letulet to give renters the tools they need to work out fair and open home-sharing agreements with their landlords, so both sides can win.

“The sharing economy works on trust, fairness and openness. Letulet’s mission is to empower renters and landlords to finally do home-sharing the right way, the fair way.”

Mark Henderson
CEO | Founder


As an Airbnb API partner, Letulet has fully integrated with Airbnb’s technology and ecosystem. This ensures transparency and efficacy for landlords and tenants using Letulet as they seamlessly connect and do business overAirbnb’s expansive global guest network.

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