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Posted by Bob Walsh
Bob Walsh

Asking your landlord for a favor is never a comfortable experience. Even if you feel entitled to get what you are asking for, they can decide for a multitude of reasons to say no, including saying no is often the easiest thing to do.

LetuLet changes this dynamic. Instead of asking for the favor of permission for you to Airbnb your apartment, you're offering them a business revenue opportunity.

Instead of you creating some sort of offer or open ended question, Letulet delivers to your landlord a professional well-written, well-defined offer, with Letulet ensuring the landlord will get their cut of the Airbnb revenue automatically after each payout.

Instead of you having to put together an Addendum to your rental agreement and hope you hit all the right points, Letulet supplies both of you with a real estate attorney-approved agreement that covers all the bases. Instead of you writing up House Rules for your Airbnb Guests (a proven method for improving guest stays for all concerned), be sure you are on the same page with House Rules with your landlord, and your guests.

Letulet helps you professionally negotiate with your landlord to reach an equitable, of the Airbnb revenue, giving your landlord a true incentive to grant you permission. With Letulet once your landlord agrees, they will get the agreed-upon percentage of each Airbnb payout you are paid. This approach has five large advantages of just asking for a favor or agreeing to a rent increase:

  • Your interests are aligned: when you make money hosting, they make money.
  • You're paying an ongoing expense, not giving your landlord free money. Say you decide to take a break for a month or two from hosting: you don't need to pay for what you're not using.
  • Letulet has a system and the infrastructure, so you don't have to. With your permission, we automatically deduct your landlord's agreed-to percentage and deposit it to their account only after you are paid by Airbnb.
  • We track these expenses for you (think tax deductions), as well as the small percentage (4.5%) you pay Letulet.
  • Letulet acts like a liaison between you and your landlord, so you can just focus on being a great host.

Letulet puts the business of Airbnb hosting on a businesslike footing with your landlord, making the whole process automatic, from making the first critical proposal through defining House Rules everyone can live by, to automated revenue sharing, to ensuring you stay a complaint Airbnb host. Visit us at letulet.com, and let us show you how!

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