The top five tips for Airbnb hosts in apartment buildings, to deliver an exceptional experience

Posted by Charles Costa

If you live in an apartment, you’re probably familiar with the challenges and imitations of living in tight quarters. Being unable to make major renovations, often dealing with extremely thin walls that separate yourself from other tenants, and trying to find ways to make small spaces seem larger.

It’s common for apartment tenants to avoid listing their spaces on homesharing sites such as Airbnb because they feel that their accommodations aren’t good enough to compete against other listings.

One of the great things about Airbnb is that the platform features more than six million listings worldwide, with more than two million people staying in properties listed on Airbnb every night. Those numbers support the fact that the platform contains a variety of listings, and there’s plenty of demand for accommodations regardless of type.

Airbnb guests often turn to the site as a way to secure unique accommodations, and “live like a local.” If they book an apartment, they should know what to expect, provided you have accurate photos in your listings and comprehensive descriptions.

Embrace smart home technology

Smart locks, intelligent thermostats, and digital lighting systems. Different devices, but the common thread between all of them is that they are cost effective ways for you to set your apartment apart from the competition.

Since some of these tips require extensive changes to your space, they aren’t practical for all renters. We’d say that if you’re planning to stay in your residence for a year or longer, these changes are worth exploring. Anything less, and it’s likely more trouble than it’s worth.

Smart locks are an essential component of renting out any space on Airbnb because they eliminate the cumbersome key handoff process and also eliminate the risk of guests locking themselves out of their accommodations.

While most lease agreements prohibit tenants from changing locks on their doors without permission, many landlords are open to installing smart locks due to fact the keys can’t be copied, among numerous features.

Smart thermostats are another apartment modification that often requires landlord approval. You should consider installing one in your apartment because they ensure guests always have the right temperature for their space, plus it keeps utility costs in check.

A few smart home enhancements that you can make without landlord approval include installing smart lightbulbs and providing an Amazon Echo or Google Home device also can enhance the travel experience.

Establish clear rules for guests

One of the worst mistakes you can make when renting out your apartment is not providing rules for your Airbnb guests. After all, when you signed your lease, you bound yourself to a variety of restrictions. At the least, guests should also be bound to similar terms.

As you create guest rules, don’t just focus on your space. Consider the interests of your neighbors and landlord Not allowing parties, loud music, and extra guests are just a few restrictions you’ll want to put in place.

Going beyond those basics, you’ll also want to clearly provide information on the areas guests can access. For example, if your apartment has a pool, fitness center, or clubhouse, advise guests on whether they can use those spaces. If so, provide details about dress codes, additional costs (if applicable), and hours of operation.

Go beyond providing the essentials

Airbnb advises hosts to provide basic amenities such as towels, linens, shampoo, soap, and toiletries. While providing those essentials meets basic guest needs, it doesn’t do much to help you earn stellar reviews from guests. On Airbnb, small improvements to the guest experience go a long way to driving success over time.

For example, in-room single serve coffee makers, complimentary water bottles, a personalized welcome basket, and even a mini-bar, are just a few things you could provide to set your space apart from other listings the guest may have seen on Airbnb.

Showcase your personality

One of the reasons travelers choose to book accommodations through Airbnb is the unique nature of of the accommodations. While hotel decor is set by stringent corporate guidelines, Airbnb hosts are free to decorate their spaces as they see fit.

You don’t need to be an interior designer to provide a space that stands out from competing listings. A few things you can do to set your space apart from others on Airbnb is to provide guests with dinnerware that features patterns/designs that match the colors of your apartment. It also helps to purchase bedding sets that match the decor of your bedroom.

Know the hosting regulations, and get landlord approval

It’s unfortunate, but some municipalities do not allow homesharing. In addition to that, some landlords prohibit tenets from renting out their space. In order to avoid issues that could impact your lease, it’s essential that you always have an understanding of the rules and regulations on homesharing in your area.

The best way to find this information is to look through your local municipality website for any documentation around homesharing. Also consider whether there are additional taxes for renting out your space. Google also is a great way to find out if Airbnb is legal in your area.

Once you’ve confirmed the legality of renting out your apartment, you then need approval from your landlord. This doesn’t have to be difficult. Services such as Letulet enable you to generate homeshare rental agreements in a matter of clicks.

Letulet provides you with a document that can be sent to your landlord for review. While the landlord might request some changes, it’s better to have some foundation for discussion rather than trying to work out an arrangement from scratch.

Making sense of it all

Compared to a house, renting an apartment on Airbnb comes with a few unique challenges that can be difficult to address. Limits on home renovations, living in tight quarters, and managing neighbor relations, just to name a few.

Those challenges shouldn’t prevent you from listing your space on Airbnb. Many guests on the platform already know how homesharing works so you don’t need to worry about putting your apartment through a total overhaul.

All that in mind, when it comes to renting an apartment on Airbnb, the little things go a long way. For example, establishing basic guest rules helps ensure that your landlord and neighbor don’t get frustrated with your rental. Similarily, solutions such as Letulet enable you to generate landlord/tenant agreements so you can host without worrying about putting your lease in jeopardy.

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